Guidelines and Expectations for Chorus Members

All students are required to fill out the below contract.


Contract – NYU Children’s Chorus

  • Students are required to come to rehearsal regularly.
  • Students are allowed 3 unexcused absences beginning on the first day of rehearsal. If a child has more than 3 unexcused absences, he or she will be asked to leave the group for the semester. 
  • At the beginning of every rehearsal, students are required to pick up their name tag. The name tags that are left unworn tell the staff who is absent that week.
  • Students are expected to practice their music at home with the help of the information on the website.
  • At the final concert at the end of each semester, students are to wear concert attire.
    • Girls in black dress shoes, socks, skirts/pants/tights, etc. and a solid white nice top
    • Boys in button-down white shirt, a tie, and black pants, socks, and shoes.

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