Adult Choir!

This Fall we will have our fourth semester of Adult Choir!

The Adult Choir will meet from 3:30-4:45 in Room 879 during the. All adults (parents, nannies, friends, grandparents, faculty, and staff) associated with NYU and/or the Children’s Chorus, are welcome to join! The Adult Choir will perform songs on their own and will perform a combined number with the Children’s Chorus as a finale. If an adult is interested in joining and has a younger student who is not in the Apprentice rehearsal, the child is welcome to sit in on rehearsal. Children who have aged out of the Children’s Chorus are welcome to sing with the adults if they wish to continue. The Adult Choir will be run by Professor Nancy Shankman who can be reached at

Below are some testimonials of parents in the group!

“My family tribe feels a stronger connection to the NYC community since we all participate in the choir.  My daughter sees me taking healthy risks and this strengthens her confidence in herself.”
—Patrice Duffy-Jacobson


“Last summer by coincidence, I found myself in a singing class right after something vexing happened to me. Singing picked up my spirits immensely and I felt sunlight shining into me. I was so delighted to find that a parents’ chorus was starting in September and I joined right away. After 7 years of happily devoting most of my activity to my daughter’s education, enrichment, and fun, it’s been wonderful to pursue a new challenge and fun social activity for myself, in a way that doesn’t take anything away from her. After her chorus and my chorus, we walk home singing together.

Nancy is a terrific leader, sharing her great skills and always ready with a cheerful smile and encouraging remark. I was impressed with the challenging material we worked our way up to over the year. Bottom line: I love singing with other people! Can’t wait to do it again this year!”
—Rebecca Shulman

“I have never considered myself a good singer and was initially unsure if I should try the adult choir. However, right from the start, Professor Shankman assured me that “everyone can sing!”  and she was right.  The choir is a friendly and supportive group where all levels of singing experience are welcome.  I have never felt out of place and, while I still get nervous to perform, I always leave rehearsal feeling great!”
—Vida Hawkins
“I love the adult choir because other than the sheer joy of being encouraged to sing: Nancy Shankman is patient, fun, picks great songs, is accommodating, kind, and caring.  The  camaraderie among the parents gave us a great sense of community and I made new friends for myself and my child.”
—Angela LaSpisa

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