Singing at the Plaza!!!

Dear Parents, singers and Guardians,

I’m sure you’ve heard our exciting news. We have been asked to perform at the Kids of NYU Spring Fling, on Wednesday night, April 30th, 7:30pm, in the Grand ballroom of the Plaza Hotel. This evening is a fundraiser for the opening of the new Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care., a part of NYU Medical Center.

We expect 400 people to be attending the dinner and our chorus will sing at the opening of the event. This is a very important honor, not only because we will be representing NYU, but also because our chorus was selected over several other performing groups.

We will be singing promptly at 7:30pm and be finished by 7:45pm. I am requesting that all singers be at the Centennial room (adjacent to the Grand Ballroom) by 6:30pm (this is also the room where parents will be waiting and watching the performance). This will give us time for a quick run through and procuring places on the risers. The address of the Plaza Hotel is:

Fifth Avenue at Central Park South (58th street)
New York City
New York, United States

Since this is a formal affair for the guests, we would like our singers to also look very special. Please wear a long or short sleeve solid white top, and dark slacks or skirts. We will give each singer a purple (the color of NYU) flower to wear on his or her left shoulder. The hosts will provide beverages and cookies for our singers.

I know this is a busy time for all of you, especially because our own concert will be the next week, Tuesday May 6th, and I thank you sincerely for your cooperation. These young people have come a long way musically over the past year and we are all very proud of them.


Wednesday, April 30th The Plaza Hotel – 6:30pm in the Centennial room

 Tuesday, May 6th Loewe Theatre – 6:15pm (room TBA)


Elaine Gates

Lindy Toczko


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