What a Rehearsal!

Hi friends and family of Children’s Chorus!

We had a very long and difficult rehearsal Tuesday, and we just wanted to thank all of you singers for working so hard! We know it can be tough to focus sometimes after such a long and rainy day at school, but you’re all doing wonderfully.

We’ve selected some very sophisticated material for this concert, and we know that you’re working very hard to learn your lyrics and practice at home. We wouldn’t have picked such difficult and fun songs if we didn’t think you could do it 🙂

This Tuesday, get ready to dance! Our assistant Lindsay will be teaching us some choreography to the dance break during SparkleJollyTwinkleJingly. We think some dance steps in between our beautiful voices will really make our winter concert special.

Stay tuned for more updates!

-Ms. Gates, Lindy, Lindsay, and Sam


3 thoughts on “What a Rehearsal!

  1. We showed up for rehearsal today (October 16th) and was told by the security guard that there was no children’s chorus today. We were unable to attend last week because Harry was sick, perhaps a notice was given then? We left so I hope the rehearsal was cancelled. Please let me know. Thank you, Kelly

    • Hi Kelly-SO sorry we didn’t send out an email notification to parents about fall break! NYU wasn’t open last Monday-Tuesday, and thus we didn’t have chorus. It totally slipped my mind that some parents wouldn’t have gotten that information last Tuesday. We will be sure to notify everyone next time, and we do have rehearsal tomorrow.

      Again so sorry for the confusion!


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