Huge sound in a Huge Space

Hey everyone!

This week, our singers rehearsed in our new space- the St. Anthony of Padua church!

The space is absolutely beautiful, and our voices echo like angels! We worked very hard on our whole repertoire, from start to finish. It’s important to remember to listen to each other in rehearsal now, especially since sound travels so much differently in the church than in the auditorium.

We paid extra close attention to Lindy, Mrs. Gates, and Emma while they were conducting, and learned that watching their hands can actually help us know when to start and stop singing! Since some notes are meant to be held longer than others, it’s important to watch our conductors to ensure that we are all singing together.

If you were assigned a speaking part and would like to practice your paragraph over the next week, please email Lindy at or Lindsay at for a copy of our “script.”

Just a reminder, our concert is Tuesday May 15th at 7:00 pm at St. Anthony of Padua church (on the corner of Houston and Sullivan streets)

Also our rehearsal next week will again be at  St. Anthony of Padua church

Happy Singing!


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