So much fun!

We had a lot of fun in chorus today!

Our flautist, Emily, played a beautiful underscoring to our singing of “Little Birch Tree.” Don’t forget that “Birch Tree” tells a story! You see a tree in the meadow, and its leaves are dancing! You decide to carve three silver flutes from the silver branches. Then, you carve a balalaika from a branch. Then, you play your instruments together (With my flutes I’ll play my balalaika). Finally, you look back and remember your little birch tree 🙂

We worked on our choreography for “Strike Up The Band” today, and boy did we look like a group of Broadway dancers. Don’t forget that the trick to choral choreography is sharpness! We’re like soldiers in a marching band, and soldiers don’t have floppy arms or legs! Below this post is a video of Lindsay performing the choreography. Practice practice practice!

Singers, you sound really amazing, but you just need to feel confident with your words! Mrs. Gates and her assistants know that you know them-now show us with confidence! You’re all too talented to sing like little mice!

Until next week!



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