Running Overtime!

Hi everyone!

Our singers worked amazingly hard in rehearsal today! We even worked 10 minutes past out 4:45 end time!

Our rehearsal started out with some super fun activities led by Lindy and Lindsay, which both involved some fun singing and hand gestures! Let’s see if you can remember all of the steps to our banana, avocado, lama, and corn chant!

We learned a brand new song today with the help of our assistant Emma, Janasek (Yon-uh-chek) The Highway Man! The rhythm of “ta ti ti ti ti ta” is the most important element of this song, so make sure you clap along while you practice at home!

Assistant Lindy conducted “Fly a Kite” today, and it sounded fantastic! This is by far a chorus favorite. Don’t forget to study your verse words, though! Everyone is so comfortable with the chorus, that when it comes to singing the verses, we’re all over the place! If you ever have any questions about lyrics, please fell free to ask us!

Below is a link to the “Strike up the Band” choreography that we learned with Assistant Lindsay last week. Take a look at it, and maybe even try to learn some of the steps. It’s going to be a stellar closing number up on our giant NYU stage!

Our concert will be on Tuesday May 15th at 7pm. Mandatory rehearsal schedule and attire details to follow.


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