Busy day!

Tuesday was quite busy for our singers! We got a ton of work done.

First, we worked hard on “The Cat Came Back” solos and verse 1. Singers, the trickiest part of singing this song is the rhythm. It helps to beat out the rhythm of the lyrics on your leg while singing, in order to hit every syllable on time. There are also a whole of words in this song! Memorize, memorize, memorize!

We began putting movement to music with “Strike Up the Band!” on Tuesday, as well. The song calls for some fun theatricality, so Ms. Gates decided to add some! Each week we will learn a little bit more choreography to fit with the song. Here’s a little secret to choral choreography (kind of like what they do in Glee!)-the sharper, quicker, and more specific the movement is, the better it will look! Rather than doing a lot of small moves on every song phrase, our choreographer Lindsay chose to teach a series of short gestures. Once our singers perfect these gestures, the number will be a show stopper!

Weekly “Sakura” reminder: Learn you words!!!! Pretty please 🙂

Assistant Lindy has been working very hard on conducting “Fly a Kite,” so be sure to learn those lyrics so that we can start to learn more of the song. We all love the chorus (Oh let’s go fly a kite…) but the verses are important, too!

Save the date!
Our concert is on Tuesday, May 15th at 7:00 pm. More information about mandatory rehearsal dates to follow!


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