Singing with feeling!

We had a great time in Chorus this week with Ms. Gates, Lindy, Victor, and Lindsay!

While practicing our concert repertoire, we worked on not only singing loudly and clearly, but also singing with emotion! Many of the songs Ms. Gates has picked for us to sing are full of beautiful imagery and soul. As singers, it’s our job to make the audience feel those emotions and see those pictures-by using our voices!

Here’s a little activity for you to try when working on songs at home. Keep a notebook nearby while you’re practicing, and write down any words or sentences about how the song makes you feel. After you’ve compiled a list, go back and try to show those words and phrases through your singing. This might sound a little weird, but trust me! Keeping those words in mind while you’re singing will definitely help you tell the story and paint the picture for the audience!

For example, we talked about how “Didn’t My Lord?” makes some of us feel energized and powerful. Now that we have those adjectives in our heads, we can work on bringing them out in our voices!

As always, keep practicing your words. Pretty soon, we’re going to stop writing the words to “Sakura” and “Little Birch Tree” on the white board-then we’ll only have our memory muscles to help us!

***We do not have Chorus next week!***
It is NYU’s Spring break

Chorus will resume the following week, on March 20th.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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