February 28th

Hi everyone!

We had an excellent Tuesday in rehearsal! Mrs. Gates has us focus a great deal of attention on singing in 2 and 3 part harmonies, which can be very hard. Some of our singers even got up and performed in a 3-part trio in front of the whole group! Since a lot of our songs are sung in 2 parts (such as “Strike Up The Band” and “This Is Our Song”) it’s important to listen to each other, and know not only our voice parts, but each others as well!

Sakura sounded especially beautiful this week-our singers are really starting to learn those Japanese words! The song is sure to be a treat to the ears come our Spring concert.

Speaking of Spring Concerts- Save the Date!
Our concert will be on Tuesday May 15th at 7:30 pm
Stay tuned for more details!

Don’t forget to keep practicing your lyrics, singers! We’re working on some very difficult material (because you’re up to the challenge, of course!) , so it’s important to be confident in our words, so that we can perfect our music.

Looking forward to more singing on Wednesday!


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