Solos and Instruments and Shake-downs, oh my!

Hi NYU Children’s Chorus friends and family!

We had a fantastic (albeit small) rehearsal this past Tuesday. Since it was February break, many of you were off enjoying your much needed rest. Don’t worry though-we’ll be sure to catch you up this week!

We experimented with a few different Orff instruments for “Sakura,” including a wood block, a metallaphone, glockenspiel, and others! Students practiced keeping rhythms and playing along with our accompanist. Solo instrumentalists will be selected in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for that news, as well as some beautiful Japanese music at our Spring concert.

Ms. Gates auditioned students interested in performing a solo in the jazzy, “The Cat Came Back.” We sang in groups of 1, 2, and 3, and worked on projecting our voices to the back of the auditorium, keeping in mind that it’s important for our voices to reach everyone in the audience, not just the first two rows!

Since so many of us were on sleepy “vacation mode,” our newest assistant, Lindsay helped lead a fun energy warm up called the “shake down.” We counted backwards from 5-to-1, and simultaneously shook each wrist, each foot, and then out tush, and then begin again (starting at 4, then 3, etc). This is a fun activity to re0energize whenever you’ve got the lazy’s!

Don’t forget to look over your lyrics and watch the videos posted here a few times a week. Can you believe that we only have about 10 rehearsals left until the Spring concert? Yikes!

****Please note: We do not have Children’s Chorus on Tuesday March 13.****

Fun weekend event!
NYU’s department in Educational Theatre presents YIKES! a Young People’s musical directed by Tony Graham of the Unicorn Theatre in London.
The play runs about 1 hour long.
February 24th ā€“ March 4th; Thursday ā€“ Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 3pm
Provincetown Playhouse, 133 MacDougal
For more information, visit


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